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At Drone Z, we are dedicated to bringing you the best videos and imagery for whatever your project requires. Contact us today for a consultation or to schedule your next project.

What we do

Our Drone Services include

Sporting Events & Venues

Local sports coaches use our raw footage to review their game plays, better analyze their teaching methods & to improve player development as well as team performance. Our finished clips are also make great promotional tools.

Construction & Insurance

Companies can inspect, identify & locate areas of concern to a building and may obtain views that otherwise may not be accessible. This reduces disruptions to the regular business workflow, eliminates hazards to employees (OSHA) and is more cost-effective.

Local Events & Community

Make the most of your venue and capture sweeping, stunning aerial footage, therefore creating a unique, dramatic & emotional effect to keep your memories alive forever. We shoot angles that may be otherwise unreachable with a traditional camera set up.

Real Estate & Property

We create eye catching, high quality content that allows for a new perspective and can include the nearby attractions, amenities, parks etc., allowing your buyer to get a much better feel for the lay of the land. Properties with aerial imagery are 68% more likely* to sell.

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Hire Drone Z LLC

Why hire Drone Z? We live and breath drone technology. Having a passion for your work is important, especially when the industry of your chosen profession is comparably new and advancing in capability at a rapid pace. We are constantly learning, and we continue to hone our craft, so we can provide you, the customer, with the best drone aerial photography and video services possible.

What do you want to know?

Frequently Asked Questions

Are drone services affordable?

Yes. We pride ourselves on being able to work within almost any budget. Please contact us to discuss your individual needs.

How long will it take to obtain the finished project?

Generally, after we have obtained the footage, we are able to get you your finished project with in 48 hours. For larger jobs, this will be discussed together and timeline agreed to, prior to beginning the project.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and ensure that all our pilots are FAA certified and insured.

Are there any restrictions on where you can fly?

Yes. Due to FAA regulations there are certain “no-fly” zones that we must adhere to. When reaching out to discuss your project, please include the addresses where the imagery is to take place.

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